TubeDigger - cracked version detected

Attention: reboot computer before entering registration key

Dear (potential or current) user of TubeDigger, we are somewhat honored to see that scene release groups are interested in cracking our software. It means that our new product is worth their time and supporting efforts. Due to the nature of the licensing scheme, those cracking teams can only release patches and they need to re-release an updated patch whenever we update the software. If you like TubeDigger, its support and the frequent updates, we friendly advise you to purchase ONCE a license and it will save you the time and efforts to uninstall old cracked versions, search for the latest cracked version, check the new cracked versions against viruses (both the setup.exe and the patch.exe), and fear if the new release actually works. If you repeat this not-too-tedious cycle often enough, then it means that our product is worth your time and efforts. Since you get FREE lifetime updates and upgrades anyway, then why not buy it, instead of re-doing the cycle all over again when a new version is released by us or by the cracking teams? Quite a few users who FINALLY bought our product did it out of gratitude and fairness: whenever they were using a pirated copy and it did complete the difficult download task, they were telling themselves 'Hmm.. actually I feel quite grateful and happy that this TubeDigger tool managed to download the video where other download managers failed. Maybe one day I should give away some money to express the satisfaction with the product and to get peace with the never ending cracked version cycles'. We are glad that such users have turned to become paying customers. And maybe one day, the sooner the better for your time and efforts, you too will decide to spend the once-in-a-lifetime fee. You would be welcomed as a new customer, rest assured, with sincere thanks for your trust in our product and support service.