Download version 7.7.1 installer and try it in trial mode before you buy.
To update your old version to new one just download and run the installer.
If not displaying in Chromium or WinXP/Vista, use version with Chromium 56.
Trial mode has 50% size limitation for downloading and 4 MB for recording.

Supported operating systems: Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP
Minimum system requirements: Windows XP SP2, IE7
Supported languages: en/de/ru/pt/cn/jp/fr/bg/cz/it/es/ar

If videos cannot be played, switch to Chromium browser in settings or
press button 'Monitor Browsers' and open videos in external Firefox browser.
For some sites using Chromium (iPad) or (Android) browser might work.

TS files can be converted into MP4 fast and without loss using option "MP4 [Without transcoding]" in converting box.
For HD videos use Chromium browser and for 4K videos use Chromium (WebM 4K) browser.
To display highest resolution/bitrate of detected videos, reset checkbox ‘Detect all resolutions/bitrates of video’ in settings.

Click on screenshot above to see how TubeDigger looks in action.

Version History